How to use Twitter to promote your business

As you probably know, social media is a completely free way to advertise your business. You can do more than just post your opening and closing hours. You can tweet creatively so that clients actually look forward to seeing your business in their feed.

Twitter is a form of social media that is genius in its brevity. Tweets are quick to post and read, and they are readily available in everyone’s phone or other device. You can stay current in everyone’s feed – and in their minds – by updating your tweets often.

Here are a few ways to employ Twitter to promote your business.

  • Brand yourself correctly. Your Twitter bio should reflect who you are and what sort of business you run – not just what you do, but what it’s like. Edit your bio so that the tone is consistent with the tone of your business. Use keywords and link your website to your Twitter account, and vice versa.


  • Interact with experts in your field. Know who the most influential people in your field are and follow them on Twitter. Make pertinent comments to and about them, and retweet things that they post. This will bring attention to your business as one that is associated with experts.


  • Tweet and retweet. To fully utilize your Twitter account as a marketing tool, you must use it daily. Tweeting and retweeting will give your business consistent attention. Don’t always attempt to sell them something, though. Balance your selling with informative, uplifting or funny thoughts that will be useful to your followers. This will help you develop a rapport with them.


  • Track mentions of your business. Use the Twitter analytics dashboard to see which of your tweets got the most attention and which ones were not as successful. Respond to positive tweets about your business, even if just to say thanks. Only respond to criticism if you feel that you can do so in a professional manner and that your apology or understanding will be accepted. Otherwise, it’s best to leave the negative comments alone.


  • Correlate your tweet to trending hashtags. Figure out how to make trending topics relevant to your business in some way. You may have to get creative, but this will show your sense of humor or ingenuity in many cases. When followers search tweets with those trending hashtags, you will be more likely to show up in the search results.


  • Do Twitter contests. Offer discounts to followers who tweet photos of themselves in your store, or give a $10 gift card to those who retweet information about a sale. You could also do a random drawing for a prize that you advertise exclusively on Twitter.


Incorporate images and videos. Photos and videos are proven to get more attention than tweets that are words only. You can incorporate them into the post or add a link with a “Click here to see…” kind of caption. Just make sure your images and videos are worth your followers’ time.

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