Best blogging platforms for your business

Blogging is a great way to let your customers in on what it is that you do all day. It’s an especially useful tool if your business is rather unfamiliar to the general public. Stock trading, web design and antique car restoration are just a few examples.

Outsiders don’t necessarily want to steal your trade secrets. They just want to know a little more about how your business works, especially if they plan on hiring you in the future! Sharing information with them on a blog is a great way to answer some of the questions they may not even know they have. Continue reading “Best blogging platforms for your business”

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How to use Twitter to promote your business

As you probably know, social media is a completely free way to advertise your business. You can do more than just post your opening and closing hours. You can tweet creatively so that clients actually look forward to seeing your business in their feed.

Twitter is a form of social media that is genius in its brevity. Tweets are quick to post and read, and they are readily available in everyone’s phone or other device. You can stay current in everyone’s feed – and in their minds – by updating your tweets often. Continue reading “How to use Twitter to promote your business”

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